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Baking the Tender Cake

Those of you interested in cooking will appreciate that creating a culinary masterpiece starts with quality ingredients. While there are lots of goodies that go into your favourite dish I am willing to bet that there are just a couple of key ones that are essential for success. The same applies to government tenders where […]

You don’t want to be on the wrong side of a tug o’ war…

I was speaking with Archie, an associate, the other day when he shared an interesting story about a recent project that has some lessons you might find interesting. Archie was part of a Tender Evaluation Panel (TEP) for a significant services project worth around $95 million over three years. After a comprehensive evaluation process, only two […]

The Secret Diary of a Hired Tender Gun

Have you ever wondered how rigorously the tenders you send in are evaluated? If you think it is just the Evaluation Panel that your tenders have to navigate – think again. Risk Management is the Driver Some Agencies engage an independent expert to provide a second opinion on the technical merits of each tender; somewhat like […]

What is the real value of clarification questions?

  Clarification questions are a standard component of the government procurement process. On the surface they serve a very legitimate purpose but what it their value really? In the period between the release of the RFT and the closing date, potential suppliers can submit written questions seeking clarification of any issues the tender documents they […]

Hunting as a pack

How many times have you had to tackle a large and complex tender on your own? Did you end up tired and worse for wear? Was it a bit like hunting beasts of old to feed your tribe (staff) – too much potential sustenance to let pass but too big to handle on your own. […]

Be Prepared: Lessons learnt from the Boy Scouts

“How long does it take to prepare a tender response” is one of the most frequent questions I come across. The unsatisfying answer is “it depends”. Why? Because it depends on how well prepared you are; prepared in terms of having your business processes and methodologies documented, illustrated and readily available. If you have this […]

The importance of an effective Executive Summary

Everyone reads the Executive Summary. This is where the evaluation panel gets an overview of your entire submission and form their first impressions. Given this, it is surprising how often companies don’t pay enough attention to this critical opening statement.

What Cards Are They Holding?

You have won the tender (and enjoyed the celebrations) and are about to go into contract negotiations. “What points will they want to negotiate?” “Where are our weaknesses?” “Have we allowed enough time to deliver the project?” Here are a few tips on preparing for the negotiations.