Corfocus has worked with clients throughout Australia including Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart, as well as other regional areas; in a range of industries to develop winning government tenders suited to their business.

  • Property Services – including valuations and facilities management
  • IT – Consulting and managed services
  • Marketing and market research
  • Graphic design
  • Legal Services
  • Employment services
  • Accounting services
  • Management Advisory Services
  • Training
  • Printing
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Building construction
  • Security services
  • Cleaning
  • Traffic Management

and the list continues to grow.


We had written a lot of tenders over the years and thought we were quite good at it, but had been disappointed by the results in some recent tender processes. Corfocus brought increased rigour, structure and discipline, helping us to step back and review the processes for our tender development, as well as the content. Maurice helped us to focus on the needs of the purchaser and to write accordingly. With the support of Maurice and Corfocus, we tightened our processes and wrote in a more disciplined fashion, achieving significant success in a national tender that grew one of our major business units by more than 200%.


With Corfocus life is easier. They do the hard slog. They help you to see your future. We now have our systems in place, our templates are there and we can bid for tenders with confidence as we know we can respond with a 16 day turn around.

Tracy CooperSeachange

Corfocus has the ability to get inside a business and understand how it works, this combined with the ability to generate extra meaning in the tender requirements and the skill to craft a comprehensive response that reduces point’s leakage with a singularity of purpose, winning the tender made them a good choice for us. They were referred to us and we have since referred them to others.

Julie AnsonJG Anson Consulting

The RFT document was a mystery to us. Corfocus was responsive and knowledgeable in the analysis of the selection criteria. They provided guidance in understanding the language, interpreting the intention of the selection criteria and helped us structure the tender with an appreciation of what the evaluation panel is looking for. Corfocus was passionate about stopping point leakage and ultimately about winning the tender for us. “They are the best Legal inside knowledge you can get for government tenders!

Peter WebbIntentional Training Concepts

Tendering has been a struggle for us and results have been poor, we required help with understanding the RFT and addressing the responses. Corfocus has been on both sides of the fence and this shows through their understanding of the procurement process and their knowledge of what the evaluation panel is looking for. They are able to reflect on previous experience and improve the quality of responses creating a competitive tender.

George Guiliani

My business partner and I had the pleasure of working with Maurice and his team on two government tenders. We are ecstatic that we won the first one and are awaiting the results of the second.

It was the first time we had invested in external consultants to support us through this process and we are pleased with our decision to use Maurice and Corfocus. Maurice has the ability to cut through answers and get to the core of addressing questions in a strategic and succinct way. We found Maurice had the expertise and experience to add value to our tender and his understanding of the compliance elements allowed for time saving and smoother processes.

We found Maurice to be professional in all dealings and have no hesitation in using Corfocus again or in recommending them for potential new clients.

Vittoria BorazioDiversity Dimensions

Lack of time, resources and the short deadlines meant that we needed help preparing our tender. Clean Garment chose Corfocus and were very happy with the service. They were experienced in tendering and had inside knowledge of the tender evaluation process. Corfocus provided a personalised service focussing on creating a competitive tender by getting inside our company and quickly acquiring the knowledge of how we work. Then working with us to unpack the selection criteria and build a response. They were proactive in seeking information and following up issues raised, managing the process in a timely and efficient manner

EricaClean Garment

The Centre for Leadership Development had been submitting tenders and was often shortlisted but did not get over the line. Corfocus reviewed our tender and through the use of the tender readiness checklist and the analysis of the RFT showed us what was need to respond focusing on what the evaluation panel was looking for. Maurice was very adaptable in his approach to working with us. His good time management skills, editing suggestions and feedback were readily applied to reframe the responses more succinctly, trimming the waffle and presenting a more cohesive package. Corfocus gave me the know how to reframe tender responses to reflect what the evaluation panel was looking for in the selection criteria.

Deborah NanschildCentre for Leadership Development

Maurice is very matter-of-fact and knowledgeable. He doesn’t tell you things ‘looks good’ when they’re not. He doesn’t pull any punches. He provides a realistic appraisal of your capacity, preparedness and progress in a dispassionate manner. He is persistent and stays on message throughout. He is also flexible and responsive to changing circumstances and changing requirements of the client.


Corfocus has experience and expertise that we didn’t. Maurice provided us with an insight into how tender evaluation panels are formed, how they think, are managed, and how they evaluate. He trained us in methods to effectively answer selection criteria questions and write effective case studies.