Our tender partnering services

Corfocus’ aim is to partner with your business and build a long term professional relationship to help you write and win government tenders. Based on your business needs, Corfocus offers the following services so you receive the most appropriate ongoing support from us:

Outsourcing – create an out of house tender team

Outsourcing your tender writing provides a new way of developing and submitting tenders.  We undertake a ‘tender readiness audit’ to assess your business’ existing information resources and how they relate to tendering. Based on the outcome of the audit, Corfocus would become part of your team to develop any new materials and write future tenders. With Corfocus working on your team, the tendering pressure comes off, your win ratios improve and your management staff are able to return to their core jobs.

Surge Capacity – build your in house tender team’s capability

Don’t let lucrative contracts pass by because your internal bid team is swamped?  We supply trained and experienced tender writers to write the tenders that your staff can’t take on due to capacity constraints. Once the tender is complete, Corfocus would move the team on to other work until you need us again.

Why partner with us?

Would you have an accountant do your graphic design or a lawyer do the marketing? Make sure you get the right people doing the right job. When it comes to tender writing, we know how it’s done. Developing an ongoing partnership with an experienced tender team will deliver many positive outcomes for your business:

  •  Adhoc tender teams are no longer pulled together
  • Staff burnout is avoided by removing the stress and pressure associated with tenders and their deadlines;
  • Staff are able to focus on what you hired them to do and what they do best – their core jobs;
  • Increased ability to write more successful tenders more often;
  • You get to understand how decisions are made inside the tender evaluation room.

 Our experience and expertise

Corfocus was founded in 2004 by Principal Consultant Maurice Downing.  Maurice has extensive experience in the government procurement system where he wrote tender documents and chaired Tender Evaluation Panels (TEP).

We have experience working with and developing winning tenders for businesses in property services, IT managed services, accounting and legal services, traffic management, health services, leadership, employment and graphic design.  The list continued to grow.

Corfocus helps you understand how government Tender Evaluation Panels think, what they look for in a winning tender and what your business needs to write in order to win consistent business.

Pricing structure

Our pricing is based on either an estimated hourly/day rate or an agreed fixed price invoice. We can negotiate rates to match your project and situation accordingly. As a guide, our project fees have ranged from $5,000 for single projects up to $15,000 to $25,000 for multiple/ongoing engagements.

What’s our win rate?

Corfocus are experts in analysing procurement documents and writing tenders that win business. We are also great to work with, or so our clients say.

We partner with businesses to provide ongoing professional support. Our tender capability paired with our clients’ industry experience and knowledge delivers an increased rate of tender success. When we get asked about our win rate, we can confidently say that we have taken our clients’ win rate from less than 20% to beyond 50% and in many cases 70%. No one can guarantee you will win but we can promise to improve your tendering capability, your resources and your long term tender win ratios.

Getting started

Whether you have experience with tendering or are new to the RFT process and would like to discuss Corfocus’ strategic partnering services, please contact Maurice Downing via the form below.