Corfocus is the government tender specialist.

Whether you have attempted a government tender before, or are completely new to the government market, there is no denying that government tenders can be a real challenge.

Government tenders are highly competitive, complex and involve very specific requirements from your business. It really makes sense to let a professional do the hard work of writing your government tenders.

Why choose Corfocus for your government tender:

  • We have over nine years’ experience in government tender writing at Federal, State and Local Government Council Level.
  • Founder, Maurice Downing, began inside the government tender evaluation room in 2004 – our point of difference from our competitors.
  • We have an in depth understanding of how Tender Evaluation Panels think and make decisions, and what you need to give them in order to win business consistently.
  • We have helped our clients win tenders at all levels of government in Australia.

To date, our clients average a 70% win ratio

  • We work with clients on single government tenders, and with clients who want to bid for multiple government tenders each year.
  • We can review your past tenders to identify why you have not been winning consistent business.
  • Over the past nine years we have won millions of dollars worth of government contracts for our clients.
  • Corfocus has written the only commercially published book in Australia on the subject of government tenders – Winning Government Tenders.

Contact Corfocus for all your government tender needs. Corfocus, the government tender specialist.