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This service is designed for medium and small companies with up to 200 staff that want help responding to a specific tendering opportunity.

You have identified a tender that is just right for your business but it closes in 25 days or so. You and your team are already busy and find writing tenders a challenge. Maybe you are short on time? Maybe your staff don’t have much tendering experience or perhaps you are struggling to understand the tender documents? If any of these apply to you then Corfocus can help with writing your tender.

Why We Can Help?

At Corfocus we know how the government tendering system works. Most importantly, we know how Tender Evaluation Panels think, what they look for in tenders and how they select the winning supplier. We know this because we have hands on experience managing procurement projects within government; from developing tender documents through to chairing evaluation committees and debriefing unsuccessful tenderers. Could you use this type of experience when writing your next tender?

How we can help

Depending on your available time and writing skills we can write the complete tender for you or review and edit your early drafts using our experience chairing tender evaluation panels. Either way you can rest easy that your tender is giving the evaluators what they want. As one client said, “working with Corfocus is like working with the Chair of the evaluation panel before you submit your final tender”.

You usually have around 25 days to develop and lodge your tender once the RFT is released so it is best to get started early. We have found the following approach works well when you engage us to write your complete tender.
• You contact us as soon as the RFT is released.
• Within the next three days we analyse the tender documents to identify the information required and how a strong response can be structured.
• We then meet with you in person or via teleconference to gather whatever relevant information you already have and identify what new material needs to be developed.
• By day five we have started developing your tender. If we need additional material, we will come back to you by phone or email.
• By around day 15 we will email you the first draft for review. You should aim to have it back to us by day 18.
• We incorporate your changes into the second draft and email it to you for review on day 20. You then review it and return it to us by day 22.
• Your final tender is then returned by day 23 for your signature and lodgement by the closing time on day 25.

If you want to write the tender yourself the process and timelines are pretty much the same, only the roles are reversed. You do the bulk of the writing and we do very active reviews and edits before returning the drafts back so you can incorporate our amendments.

One point is very important. We must both read the RFT and then meet to decide your response strategy before you start writing. The meeting can be face to face, via skype or over the phone. This approach ensures we have a shared understanding of what you need to include when writing the tender response and guards against extensive edits and rewrites.

Benefits For Your Business

Have maintained revenue flow by focusing on what you know best – running your business.

Be confident that you lodged a highly competitive and compliant tender that maximises your chance of winning.

Have a template you can use as a basis for future tenders.

Have a good understanding of how tendering works.

Know the areas to improve next time you write a tender.

Win more business!


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