Is this you?

Do you have the time, energy and KNOW HOW to write competitive tenders that win you business consistently?  Can you analyse the tender documents or the even trickier government tender documents,  so you know exactly what information they are looking for and how you need to respond?  Have you lost a tender recently that left you wondering where you went wrong?  Are you or your staff too busy running the business to put the time necessary into writing a high quality tender?  If any of these apply to you then Corfocus can help.

Why We Can Help?

Corfocus are Government Tender specialists. At Corfocus we know how the government tendering system works. Most importantly, we know how Tender Evaluation Panels think, what they look for in tenders and how they select the winning supplier.

We know this because we have hands on experience managing the whole process – from developing tender documents to chairing evaluation committees.  Could you use this experience in your corner when writing your next tender?

How We Write Your Tender.

You usually have around 25 days to develop and lodge your tender once the government releases the Request for Tender (RFT). It is best to get started early and we have found the following approach works well.

  • Within the first three days we analyse the tender documents to identify the information required and how a strong response can be structured.
  • We then meet with you in person or via teleconference to gather whatever relevant information you already have and work out what new material needs to be developed.
  • By day five we have started developing your tender. If we need additional material, we will come back to you by phone or email.
  • By day 15 we will email the first draft to you for review. You should aim to have it back to us by day 18.
  • We incorporate any changes into the second draft and email it to you for review on day 20. You then review it and return it to us by day 22.
  • Your final tender is then returned by day 23 for your signature and lodgement by the closing time on day 25.
Task Day 3 5 15


23 25
RFT Analysed
Draft 1
Draft 2
Final Draft
Tender lodged

Benefits for Your Business

After working with Corfocus you will:

  • Have maintained revenues by focusing on what you know best – running your business.
  • Be confident that you lodged a really competitive tender that maximises your chance of winning.
  • Have a template you can use for future government tenders.
  • Have a good understanding of how government tendering works.
  • Know the areas to improve next time you write a government tender.
  • Win more business!