Corfocus Tender Writing

Corfocus began inside a government tender evaluation room in 2004. From there, Corfocus built a reputation and gained experience in writing winning government tenders for clients across Australian in a range of industries.

Winning Tenders

Corfocus’ aim is to partner with your business and help you write and win government tenders, suited to your business needs.

We have taken our clients’ win rate from less than 20% to beyond 50% and in many cases 70%

Winning Government Tenders

Build your organisation’s long term capacity to win more tenders with Corfocus’ Tender Machine.

Work with Corfocus to build your Tender Machine and start winning government tenders consistently.

Experience from inside the tender evaluation room

Corfocus can help you win your Government Tender based on years of experience from within the Tender room and with our clients.

One off Tender Writing

We’ll help improve and win one tender now. Hands on help to get your tender off the ground and into the tender box on time.

Tender Capacity Builder

Build the long term capacity of your organisation and team to win more tenders. Our tender machine product will show you how.

Be confident that you lodged a really competitive tender that maximises your chance of winning.

Maintain revenues by focusing on what you know best – running your business.

Have a template you can use for future government tenders.

Have a good understanding of how government tendering works.

Know the areas to improve next time you write a government tender.

Preparation pays off.

The more prepared – the higher the possibility of winning a tender

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Winning Government Tenders eBook

Government agencies and organisations – from the military forces to schools, local councils to hospitals, tax departments to legislative councils – are responsible for buying around 25% of all goods and services sold in Australia.

Many, many Australian businesses are completely missing out on huge potential sales from the biggest customer of them all: the government.

Winning Government Tenders takes the mystery out of the tendering processes that the government favours and shows how any business with suitable products or services can successfully bid for government contracts. The information in the book will also help any business improve its tendering capabilities, whether tendering for government or private contracts.