We take the stress out of bidding
for Government tenders.

Do you want to win government tenders consistently?

At Corfocus we take the stress out of tendering for government contracts.

We do this by using our experience chairing government Tender Evaluation Panels (TEP) to help medium and small companies understand how the tendering process works and what decides who wins and who loses. We provide tendering advice and tender writing services that help SMEs compete with larger suppliers and win business consistently.


At Corfocus we believe focusing on the Tender Evaluation Panel is the key to winning government tenders. This is best achieved if someone on your tendering team has experience working on evaluation panels to ensure your tenders reflect how evaluators think and answer all their questions. We have that experience having written tender documents and served on and chaired TEPs in a range of federal and state government agencies. We now share our experience and insights with clients across Australia so their tenders win business consistently.

Our director, Maurice Downing, is the author of the first and only commercially published book in Australia on this subject - Winning Government Tenders.


At Corfocus we provide tender writing and tender advisory services for SMEs that want to grow their business in the government market.


Tender writing falls into two categories:
• writing the complete tender response for you; or
• reviewing and editing the draft responses that you write.

Whichever category you choose, your tenders will be tightly aligned with the Tender Evaluation Panel so they maximise your chance of winning.


Tender advice Our tender advice is aimed at medium and small companies that want to improve their tendering results over the longer term. In order to provide the advice, we will audit your tender response system, analyse up to four past tender responses and interview your tendering team. We then hold a workshop with your management team to share the audit results and outline a program for improving your future tenders so they win consistent business.