Do you want to win government tenders consistently?


This service is designed for medium and small companies, with up to 200 staff, that are taking a strategic approach to developing their tendering capabilities over the medium to longer term.

At Corfocus we provide advice to SMEs that want to enter the government market, improve their tendering systems or increase their win ratio. It might be that your SME does not understand how the government market works and what is required to win tenders consistently. Perhaps you have lost a few recent tenders and want to know where your tendering weaknesses are. It could also be that your management team has been responding to tenders and you are now looking for someone else to take over so they can focus on their core responsibilities. If this sounds like your SME then Corfocus can advise on how to win government business consistently at the federal, state or local government level.

Providing this advice starts with a Tender Readiness Audit to identify areas that need improvement.

Tender Readiness Audit and Workshop

This is the analysis phase. How tender ready are you and where are the shortcomings in your tendering resources and systems? The audit consists of a detailed review of at least four of your past tenders and analysis of other existing business information that may be relevant to tenders. The end result is a concise audit report. We then deliver the audit report and recommendations at a three hour workshop with your management team. At the workshop we work with you to explore the audit results and map out a work program that will deliver the tendering resources and knowledge that will have you winning tenders consistently.

Advice on Building Your Tendering Resources

This is the development phase where we implement the work program from the workshop. Such a program might involve:

• Deciding on the categories of tenders you want to pursue in the future and then researching these tenders in these categories to get crystal clear on the information you need to prepare winning proposals;

• Building templates for this information and organising a knowledge library that will serve as a platform for all future tender responses. Information in the library might include a bid/no bid decision model, capability and capacity descriptions, methodologies, reference projects, team profiles and much more; and

• Working with your team to improve the tendering knowledge and skills.

Support for future tenders

Corfocus can support your SME when preparing and bidding for future tenders by:
• Helping your team analyse the Requests for Tender and developing your response strategy;
• Guiding your team through the 25 day tender response period;
• Reviewing and editing your draft tender during the response period;
• Providing additional “hands on” capacity to get the job done and meet the deadline required; and
• Working with your staff to continuously improve your SME’s tendering capability.

As your company grows and lodges tender responses over time you will develop new information that needs to be incorporated into your tendering knowledge library. We can do these updates for you as part of our support service so you are always working with the latest information – the one true source as it is sometimes called. Quarterly or six monthly updates are best, depending on the volume of tenders you are submitting.

Additional benefit - Leverage into other Government markets

The benefits of Corfocus’ tendering advice services can applied in all government markets – federal, state and local government. Being able to spread your investment across other markets and projects will further increase your return on investment.


Most companies lose when they tender for government projects.

In fact the average win ratio across all industry sectors is 20%. That is just one in five.

Over the past 18 months our clients success rate has often been 70% and above.

We are not necessarily experts in your business; that is your role. At Corfocus we are experts in understanding the government tendering system and, more importantly, how the Tender Evaluation Panels assess tenders and select the winning bid. In fact as one of our clients claimed - working with Corfocus is like having the Chair of the TEP on your side before the tender closes.


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