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I like big trees and dramatic landscapes which probably explains how I got into multiday hiking over the past 10 years or so. I started with the spectacular Overland Track in Tasmania and have since hiked in Glacier National Park in Montana, Yosemite Valley, Mt Hood in Oregon and in 2012 climbed Kilimanjaro; now that was a blast. My ideal world would see me having two hiking adventures each year and I am working towards that.

I love jazz and blues music, although I am not very knowledgeable about either. It’s just got to have a good melody. I have done amateur acting because I am a curious fellow and like the personal growth that comes with new challenges. I follow the traditional Aussie sports of footy (Rugby League) and cricket. I also started playing baseball a few years ago and really enjoy being part of a team.

I am a big believer in helping young people make the transition into adulthood and am a volunteer mentor at Menslink, a truly wonderful local organisation that works with young blokes who are struggling to make their way into manhood. It is very rewarding, plus I get to hang out with other mentors who are all good guys.

In terms of qualifications and business; I completed my marketing degree in 1990 and followed that with an MBA in 1998. After 10 years in economic development roles with government I moved into procurement by serving on a Tender Evaluation Panel for a major IT contract in 2003. I leveraged this experience into a managing procurement projects and chairing Tender Evaluation Panels for two other government agencies over the next year or so. After a while I started to see a pattern in the tenders we were evaluating – “Gee, a lot of the companies are not giving evaluators what they need to award a strong assessment score. Maybe there is an opportunity for me to help them do it better”. And so, in late 2004 I married my business qualifications with my experience in government tenders to set up Corfocus and have been helping clients win tenders and build their tendering systems ever since. On occasion, I have also worked on procurement projects in government agencies to ensure my knowledge and skills remain fresh and up to date. We now specialise in consulting to medium and small companies with up to 200 staff and helping grow their business through government tenders. Over the years I have learnt successful companies understand that gearing up to win government tenders consistently requires investment, a willingness to embrace new ideas, perseverance and getting prepared. In fact our catchcry at Corfocus is Preparation Pays Off.


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